Friday, May 29, 2009

'Home' a triangular history-Exhibit Notice

Poet and writer John O' Donohue wrote: ' There is nothing as un - neutral as a home. Even the most ordinary home is an implicit laboratory of consciousness quietly shaping belief, expectation and life direction. On the life-journey of each individual the nature of the mind determines what is seen and valued'.

This Monday 1st of June sees my third Annual Solo Exhibition open in The Sheen Falls Estate, in beautiful Kenmare, Co. Kerry.
The show is entitled 'Home - a triangular history' and will comprise of three bodies of work which I created in both Ireland and Thailand.
'Essence' the title of the piece above is one of a series of five pieces I have been working on for some time. These are images in my work that I seem to 'curve back towards' again and again.

This painting along with the series that accompanies it is richly layered, glowing and imbued with a magical feeling of movement and stillness.
View a selection of works that will feature in the show here on my website.

If you would like to reserve and purchase a piece of work, contact me at
Wish me 'good luck'.

- Richard

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