Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuscan Path

Tuscan Path - oil/panel - 12"x9"

What a week its been! Back in Burren and all set up in my studio/cottage but only now getting around to access the internet.

With this piece above I worked in a really gestural fashion to capture the light and colour contrasts in the beautiful Tuscan landscape. Its actually the last piece created on my final day in Tuscany but I have a couple more pieces to post shortly from that trip.

Over the next few of days I hope to post images of the last few pieces created in Tuscany.
Then onto more recent works and eventually to the pieces created here.

Currently I am working in the landscape around the Burren during the day and then on quite elaborate still life pieces in the cottage at night time. Can't wait to show you this work.

- Richard

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