Friday, October 8, 2010


Lone cherry - oil/panel - 3"x2.5"

"The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing". - Joseph Wood Krutch

During this last week or so I have been so busy clearing out my studio and attic at the family home. Its a lengthy process as you find all these nostalgic things that you haven't seen in years and cant help yourself but to leaf through old books, read old letters and snuggle old teddies!
I never knew it but I wrote lots of poems when I was younger - from about the age of 11 to 14 years. I had totally forgotten! Wouldn't publish them though!

I also came across old copy books full of drawings and a special reference from my old art
teacher directed towards the National College of Art in Dublin.

From Monday I will be back to my 'sketches in oil' for this my 'Objects of Desire' blog.

Above is the second of my Cameo paintings. There is now a subscribe feature on the Cameos blog so you can keep up to date with this series as it progresses and develops.

Follow this link to read more and subscribe:
'Cameos' - 100 miniature oil paintings by Richard Hearns

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