Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Western Wall

Western Wall - oil/panel - 5"x5"

These Walls of stone have become a recurrent subject in my Work over the past few years.
In Mayo and during my time spent in Kerry and the Burren I have been studying the walls for all there expressive qualities. The numberless patterns, textures and forms they take really move me.

In my upcoming show, 'Like a River Flows' which opens in ten days time, there will be a great over view on my treatment of this subject. From the repeated large rock island shapes that formed my vision as a young painter in and around Thailand to the more recent exploration of the rocks that surround us here on this island of Ireland.

Hope you can join me at this show to see my Work and enjoy the Wine and Refreshments.
Until then here is a link to a new blog specially created which will feature a selection of the diverse Works of creativity to feature in the upcoming Show. http://www.richardhearns-likeariverflows.blogspot.com/

- Richard

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