Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ways of Seeing

Its been some experience so far here in New York City. A hugely positive one.
Each day I have been trying to squeeze in all I can in the time allotted.
There is just so much to see here, so much to experience!

Working at the League in Studio 7 continues to be a real learning curve for me.
I am not learning the things people might presume, like technique and style, rather I am learning how to see, various ways of seeing, interpreting, seeing what is important to me.

All I want to do is to paint. I am interested in picking up and learning all the subtleties, the nuances of painting that I admire.

This weekend we left for the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at the kind request and invite of Mr. Gene Heaney, Director of Finance at the famous Madison Square Garden. It was great to see the change of landscape there and experiencing this new place and space. I feel now after this trip I have the energy to re immerse myself in some unresolved landscape pieces I have been developing.

Next week we will be leaving my friends in Sunnyside, Queens to move into a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We are excited about this move and the chance to get to know this colourful Borough.

Special thanks to Mr. Freddy Borges, Model and Sculptor for this photo.

- Richard

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