Thursday, May 17, 2012

Expression and Vincent Van Gogh

An Expression, Fanore Beach -oil/panel - sold

Over the last couple of weeks, and during my recent trip out west I had been thinking about Vincent, Vincent Van Gogh. How, over a 10 year period, he produced over 1000 paintings and many more hundreds of drawings in a prolific expression during his short time here.
His paintings seem effortless with an almost child like touch, but are in fact complex, passionate, expressive and the record of intense study as well as feeling.

He communicated such powerful feelings through line and his brush, by bringing his own expressive vision to a scene, rather then faithfully copying or creating what was in front of his easel or in a photo.

His paintings have all the measures of what makes a wonderful and enduring piece of Art. Their sometimes edginess, boldness, delicacy and precariousness coupled with radiating light energy and feeling.

Thank you Vincent. You were here, you were true and you free my spirit!
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A detail from 'An Expression on Fanore Beach'. -sold

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