Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Set Dancers Cottage

The Set Dancer's Cottage, (Mick Cruachan's Cottage) - oil on canvas - 26"x25"
Private Collection, Greenwich, Connecticut.

Mick Cruachan's cottage lies just around the bend in the road on the outskirts of Ballyvaughan village. It is a scene I have returned to three times now! The strongly pronounced Turquoise colour, (which is set off by its more somber lightly coloured surroundings), must have been 'on special' when Mick bought the buckets of  it to paint his house.

Mick, who was a renowned set dancer in his day, passed away this year. The cottage exterior and interior has now been stripped, and is in the process of being renovated. There exists now only small patches of the turquoise colour. I feel lucky to have had one last chance to capture, in paint, this landmark cottage in Ballyvaughan.

Below is a sketch I made of the cottage a couple of years ago.
This sketch in oil is - sold.

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