Sunday, November 25, 2012

PJ Lynch Workshop at the RHA and life in BKK

Last week I attended a painting workshop at the Royal Hibernian Academy given by the renowned illustrator PJ Lynch . PJ is an amazing artist, writer and illustrator, and a wonderful communicator. I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their painting to keep an eye out for any workshop given by PJ.

The theme of the workshop was figure painting, with an emphasis on dramatic lighting.
We started each day with a different model beginning with quickly drawn gestural poses and gradually worked our way up to 'a painting sitting', which lasted a couple of hours. The models poses were evocative and costumes brilliant. And the way PJ controlled the lighting was great, as all to often at life drawing sessions the poses are boring, and lighting diffused and unfocused.

Here is a link to PJ's website. Christmas is coming soon, and anyone who has children or nieces and nephews should consider getting a copy of one of PJ's beautifully illustrated books. They are timeless and beautiful.

Myself and Boo arrived in Bangkok, Thailand three days ago, and have been busy catching up with friends and family and reintroducing ourselves to all the wonderful food and culture here. Between all the eating and sightseeing I have managed to work on a figure painting of my father, which I began at home the night before we left for Thailand.

While out for food and drinks with friends last night I found out to my delight that MOCA, the long awaited Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok has been opened. I can't wait to visit.!

Sending best wishes to all from Siam! - R

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