Monday, February 18, 2013

Baan P' Gurt

Baan P' Gurt (My brother Gurt's home) - oil on wooden panel - 12"x9"

It is perhaps ten years since I first met 'Gurt' on this island. He is the most wonderful Thai man, and a real islander. His home sits close to the road off the old pier, and just behind the Wat or Temple, where the island monks take residence.

When I first met Gurt, about eight years ago, he used to tend to the land around several coconut plantations which are located close by his home. Now he works on collecting and recycling plastics and other materials which are shipped off to the main land every week or so.

His corrugated iron and wooden home is nested under and shaded by some very mature trees. The soil surrounding is red and mineral rich. It was the perfect place set up camp of an hour or so to create this oil painting in open air.

- Richard

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