Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fairy Thorn, in Contre-jour

The Fairy Thorn, Contre-jour - oil/canvas panel - 7"x5"

Some weeks ago, before I began any recent painting, I sat down and wrote at length about why I paint!
I also wrote about each projected body of work I had planned to create over say the coming year! It was a daunting task, but the exercise proved very helpful indeed, and has in many ways reestablished some strong 'foundational' ideas.

Each envisaged body of work got as long as it needed, with many ideas worked out, questions posed, some answered and a lot of inspirational brain waves captured. So, lets see what transpires.

Here's a short extract on my love of plein air painting:

'Inspired by the works of the great 19th century masters such as Sorrola, Sargent and Anders Zorn as well as and many other contemporary american realist and naturalist painters such as Duane Keiser and Jeremy Lipking, these studies reflect my love of the outdoors and nature, serving as great informers to the development of my studio work'.

'The spontaneity and fluidity as well as accuracy that you can achieve with regard to colour, application and composition through making works like this on an ongoing basis is in my opinion unsurpassed by any other exercise'.

- Richard

The Fairy Thorn, Contre-jour , is available for purchase.
Please contact me for pricing.

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