Sunday, September 15, 2013

Egg, Shell and Complements

Egg, Shell and Complements - oil on fine linen canvas - 12"x10"

Created some weeks ago, this painting is another example of how I arrange various subjects in the afternoon and evening after a days painting from observation outdoors.

Composing pieces like this can be great fun, as I feel really free when painting still life and tend to push and pull the paint around in very unusual and exciting ways until I reveal image I want.
Perhaps it is because the image before me is so stable, unlike the light and subjects in the landscape, that I feel more free to be as daring in my approach and process.

Unlike the common academic approach taken by many when composing subjects like this, I have developed numerous or innumerous ways in which I begin a painting. In fact, I never 'know' how I might tackle a piece but just dive into it with abandon. This really keeps the excitement alive during the process of realizing the finished piece, and I feel gives the painting an extra vigor in many cases.

This painting is currently reserved for a coming solo exhibit at Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin.

For pricing and purchasing information please email,
or contact me here or by phone at + 353 (0) 86 216 1135.

Below is an image of the painting and still life set up.

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