Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brand New Website On-line

I'm really excited to share with you my brand new website on-line It's designed to work on all personal computers, tablets and smart phones! I'll be editing, updating and adding to it during the year.

Due to demand I'm also working towards making available a number of certified limited edition art prints of my paintings by the end of February. Please do drop me a line if you are interested in being included in this limited edition first run.

In addition, I've also added a 'news' section in order to bring you fresher content and update you on new events and exhibits of my work as well as a quarterly seasonal newsletter which you can subscribe to on my homepage.

Special thanks to web designer Billy Gillooley for the new look and improved cross platform navigation . I'm sure you will all enjoy the way it functions. Please do take some time to browse the site and let me know what you think. - RH

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