Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Young Inspiring People

Just welcomed 35 budding young artists from Ballyvaughan Community School to my current exhibit at The Burren College of Art. We had Show and Tell, Meditation Time and a short Movie. I'm feeling inspired by all their insightful ideas and perspectives.

Later I've a production crew making an ongoing TV series for RTE coming to visit the show and chat to me a little about my work.

Wish me luck.

So, first I showed them what abstract painting is Not!

Asking them how I might create a painting like this they bowled me over with their ideas and knowledge base.

Loads of ideas!

Then with eyes closed a meditation in front of the abstract paintings.

More show and tell. What do you see?

Getting up close to a painting was fun.

Finished with a movie to inspire. See Here -
Got an impromptu round of applause! That was real magic! Thank you all!

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