Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not 'Bad' at All!

This day last year I was hard at work (and play if I'm totally honest) taking part in an international artists week-long symposium in Germany.

This Sunday I fly to Salzburg, Austria where I've been invited to assist an associate professor of arts, Ralph Gelbert, at a week-long studio based abstract painting workshop at the Kunstakademie in Bad Reichenhall.

I'm so excited to visit Salzburg, a UNESCO heritage city surrounded by the Alps and the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! In the little research I've done the place looks spectacular - you know it was the backdrop to the musical play and film The Sound of Music!

There will be so much to see and do there, but if my last visit to the symposium is any reflection of what will take place there will be a lot of studio hours put in too. Work hard - Play hard!! I'm sure that will become our mantra for the week.

Five bespoke canvases await me in the studio and I'm looking forward to getting into that special place of excitement, creativity, mystery and surprise.

- Richard

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