Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hand turned Bowl

Hand Turned Bowl - oil on canvas - 20"x20"

The challenge of describing a dense wooden turned bowl and a delicate thin glass vessel with the same brush gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It's always like this when painting directly and from life. You are confronted by your chosen objects and must find a way in - a way to begin. A good deal of trust is necessary at this stage and many people on seeing the initial stages of the painting would not be sure or convinced at all of where the piece might be headed.
I'm not at all saying I can see the finished work in my minds eye and work towards that end but I do endeavour to solve one problem after the next until the piece is resolved.

This painting also featured in my exhibit in LA at the end of last month.

For purchasing information please contact, info@richardhearns.com or message me here.

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