Friday, June 5, 2009

Cup Cake with Lime 5x5in


This is the second of 5 or 6 cup cake paintings I hope to create over the next week or so.
About a week ago, I was strolling through the weekend market along the pier in Howth village when I came across this amazing stand full of ornate cup cakes.
I got talking to Paula, the owner of '', which is Ireland's First's Cup-Cake Bakery and having explained that I was a painter and crazy to make paintings her 'fabulous cup cakes' she very graciously gave me a box of them paint.
True to my word I managed to resist devouring the entire box of cakes and sent Paula the image of the first painting made. She was delighted.
Hope you like this one too Paula.

Just returned home the day before yesterday after a fabulous weekend in Co. Kerry and Co. Clare. My third solo exhibition is up and running at 'The Gallery' in the Sheen Falls lodge estate in Kenmare.
Am very happy with how the show looks - its been really hard work but worth it when you see it all hanging in the Gallery space.
The Show entitled 'Home - a triangluar history', will be open to the public and hotel guests until June 30th.

Stayed in Kenmare for one night and then drove up to Tarbert in north Co. Kerry to catch a ferry across the Shannon estuary into County Clare.
Just last week I was accepted into the Burren Art College in County Clare for a two month studio residency which will start in early July. - I cant wait!
The college is amazing - its built around an old round tower which looks onto the Burren landscape. You can just walk out the back of the college straight onto the lunar landscape of the Burren. Got to see a couple of possible studios and have managed to get a beautiful cottage to stay in just down the road from the college.
Open invite to all to come to visit.

Did manage to get a couple of outdoor landscape painting made on the trip.
Will post them in succession along with others landscape paintings made on recent trips to Co. Mayo in the next month or so.

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