Thursday, July 16, 2009

Evening Light, Burren College

Evening Light, Burren College - oil/panel -7"x5" - sold

This is the first painting I made on the evening I arrived in Ballyvaughan Village.
It depicts the view from the cottage window where I am staying. The round tower and buildings are part of the Burren College of Art just up the road where my studio is based. In the background you can see the evening light over the Burren landscape. The Landscape is so green down here and when your up on the Burren you feel like your in the clouds - close to heaven! Its really a faboulas spot.

Been making a lot of work in the studio and its really great to be working on large pieces again with lots of space available and such inspiring landscape around.
I have also been working on still life pieces which feature some of the flowers found close by.

Looking forward to getting those images up for you all to see.


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