Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tin Cans with Wild Flower

Tin Cans with Wild Flower - Oil on panel - 24"x18" - sold

Tin cans really set off all kinds of narrative ideas for me, from how they seem to end up being an essential item in the make up of all painters studios, to cowboys eating beans from a can, to baking, to talking through cans with string.
They have all these uses and a kind of wildness about them while at the same time being very industrial and quite mundane.

These cans have been useful items in the studio for me and have various uses as receptacles (not quite in the way Piero Manzoni used cans but,) to mix mediums, varnishes and scrape old paint into among other things.

With this piece I had a chance to experiment with describing different forms from the way I handle the organic fragility of the wild flower to the reflective tin and the creased brown paper in the background.

This image is the largest of any still life piece that I have created to date - measuring 24x18inches.

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