Monday, August 16, 2010

Ancient Wall, Burren Sky

Ancient Wall, Burren Sky -oil/panel - 5"x5" - sold

This piece was created a week or so ago along with four other sketches in oil all made in and around an area of 'the green road' that loops around the back of Cappawalla up and over the hills and down towards Blackhead and Fanore.
Had the most beautiful walk their yesterday - the views of the surrounding landscape are just breathtaking.

A wonderful friend of mine called Xavier who hails form Belgium has used a small illustration I prepared a few years ago for a draft of a children's book to accompany his latest online and soul/funk mix.

Xavier goes by the stage name DJ Courtasock and plays with a big band of acclaimed DJ's and musicians who travel all over the world playing there tunes at the most noted music festivals.
We met in 2006 over in Thailand and have remained great pals ever since.

Here is a link to that mix. As Xavier says 'check it out and spread around' :
Some old and new funk tossed together by dj Courtasock with itchy fingerd interventions by :
(in order of appearance)
dj Iron ,dj Raskal,The Gruesome Twosome (Optimus&Vindictive),dj Grazzhoppa

I would also encourage you to 'lively up yourself' by following the links below to see all the amazing work Xavier is involved in.

Congratulations on all your wonderful Work 'Saf'.

This day next month will mark the opening on my next one man show entitled 'Objects of Knowledge' - more on this upcoming show to follow shortly.

- Richard

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