Monday, August 30, 2010

Still Life with Brushes

Still Life with Brushes - oil on canvas - 24"x22" - sold
(tribute to Rembrandt and Leffel) (after the painting 'Composition with Paint Brushes' by David Leffel)
Amended 24th Feb 2014.

For the last two and a half months I have been working here in the Burren by day out in the landscape, creating loose, gestural, plein air 'sketches in oil', and then in the evening time setting up and painting large still life paintings in the studio.
Working this way allows me to loosen and warm up during the day as regards my seeing, brush strokes, and colour mixing while at the same time giving me this vital energy and experience - coming from a sense of being dispatched a remote location which I feel is so vital to an Artist's output. After all, all an artist can do is to bring his life experience to a piece - that's all he has.
There are myriad different ways to feed that experience but for me being out in the landscape is the most informative.

This is the second of my paintings to be posted here on my blog for my upcoming solo show 'Objects of Knowledge'.

To reserve any of these pieces before the shows preview and official opening you can contact me here through the blog, by email or on facebook.

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