Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Old Curragh, Murrisk Pier

The Old Curragh, Murrisk Pier - oil/panel - 7"x5" - sold

Just love the design and painterly application in this piece.
Plein air painting forces you to find strong designs in the landscape around you. If those sort of design elements are not there or are somewhat scattered, this in turn forces you to create even more from the elements you do have, and develops in you a stronger awareness and design sensibility.

Editing and or simplifying I feel has to be a big part of any truly successful painting (even a sketch in oil). I keep telling myself to 'distill'. Distill the most important elements in the nature and landscape that surrounds me. I also endeavor to keep my concept and initial inspiration for the piece at the forefront of my mind.

By doing all of the above while at the same time painting 'well' allows me to really learn and grow as a person and an Artist with each painting I create.

- Richard

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