Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Artist's Smock

The Artist's Smock - oil on canvas - 30"x24" - sold
Private Collection, Ireland.

This piece to me has an almost palpable monastic feel to it. I suppose in many ways my life and work has had this sort of other world factored in from the outset. My drawings of robed figures in my early childhood and then pieces which developed into to the more transcendent 'figure in landscape' paintings created during my time spent in the far east have this echo of other worldliness.The famous artist and teacher Robert Henri (1865 - 1929) referred to 'records of states of being' that reveal the possibilities of greater existence. He said ' The picture is a by-product of such states as it is in the nature of man to desire. The object therefore is the state'.

The concept of cool blueish whites of the shirt and the warm ochre whites of the wall give this piece a wonderful play of passages from cool to warm to cool. I find my eyes jump back and forth through the varying temperatures. This I feel gives the piece an excitement and strong atmospheric quality. I hope you like it.

Last Friday I left my Mayo studio and cottage near Westport Quay and came back to Dublin. Over the next couple of months I will work towards my upcoming show in Malahide this November and my two New Yorks shows which are scheduled for March 2012.

Just returned today from a life painting session at the Royal Hibernian Academy. It is great to get back to painting with a model from life and to share a space with other artists.

- Richard

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