Monday, April 2, 2012

Most of All,

Brazilian Artist and Class Montor Lucas Melo and Myself.

A final day at the League culminated with the setting down of my second New York Exhibition.

Yesterday I handed the last purchased piece to a new collector here in New York City.
The experience gained and lessons learned on this trip have been great, in fact I am sure that many of the learned experiences I have had here will be metastasizing in me over the coming weeks and months.

Most of all, the experience of meeting so many wonderful people here, making new friends and in meeting new collectors. Learning what they work at, where their heritage lies and what their interests are.

Me and my friend Martin.

I have always been interested in people, and enjoy meeting new people. New York City is amazing for that - all the new faces, all the lives that pass you by on the street as they hurry towards their destinations in a seemingly chaotic mishmash.

One thing this three month trip has re-enforced in me is my love of humanity, my love of people and the knowledge that there exists so much good inherent in each of us.

- Richard

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