Saturday, April 7, 2012

Road Trip, En Plein Air

My Plein air bits and bobs.

Arrived home to Dublin on Wednesday last and have been settling in as best I can after our recent and unforgettable three month New York experience.

Now I am excited and focused on finding a new studio space (any help with this is most welcome). Until my studio work can commence, I will work again in the open landscape.

Next Wednesday I will set of on a week long road trip across and down the west coast of Ireland, beginning in County Mayo and Connemara, Galway, then onto The Burren, County Clare, and along the Clare coast where I will catch the ferry across to Tarbert in County Kerry. In Kerry I will visit the beautiful town of Kenmare and then take a day to drive around and re visit the famous ring of Kerry. After Kerry I will travel further south to the beautiful seaside town of Kinsale and enjoy the west cork coastal roads.

My Plein air bits and bobs are all packed. Can't wait to let loose and enjoy the fresh air, space and weather.

Also, a short note of appreciation and thanks for all those wonderful notes of support, well wishes and encouragement I received during my New York trip. They are much appreciated and treasured. - Richard

Plein air bits and bobs all packed, and ready to go!


Walter L. Mosley said...

Nice simple set up, I had to learn the hard way: don't lug too much stuff around. I'm glad I got to know you Richard, you're a really nice person and I wish you all great success with your painting. And keep up your wonderful work. take care ~Walter PS Happy Easter!

Richard Hearns said...

Much Love Walter. Its great to have meet you too. Look forward to see you again sometime soon. - R