Thursday, March 22, 2012

My New York Story

Where to begin! This three month trip in preparation for my second new york solo exhibition has been such an awesome experience. Not just in my painting and the thought processes around my creativity, not just in terms of the experiences this city has offered me, but it has proved overall positive and developmental in all aspects of my existence!

Firstly the experiences of Manhattan and getting to know that island and hub of activity along with the experiences of painting at the famous Art Student League which has been a real center of New York creativity since 1875.

Then the chance to stay with my friends in Sunnyside, in the Queens Borough. A wonderful neighborhood that has an strong Irish community past but has diversified into one of the most mixed ethnic places on earth.

and then onto and into the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. A developing and poor community with the most welcoming rich hearts and strong spirit.

Interwoven within all this experience has been the incredible subway rides, numerous museum and gallery visits as well as the daily sampling of the food and restaurant culture which is so prominent here. In fact, I could have written a whole book never mind a few blog posts on the incredible food that is available here in a city so far from the farms that produce its daily consumption.

Over all I know that these three months which have been packed with experience spent in this most famous of cities is just the beginning for me here. It is just the start of a love affair which I will hope for and look to develop further over the coming years.

- Richard

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