Thursday, March 1, 2012

With Gregg Kreutz

Myself and Gregg Kreutz in the historical Studio 7 of the Art Students League of New York.

For the past two months while painting at the famous Art Student League of New York my mentor has been Gregg Kreutz.
Gregg is one of the most sought after teachers at the League and to be allowed into his studio class was a real honor and one I am very grateful for. Gregg is the most wonderful teacher and communicator as well as an award winning painter - a true master.
He studied with Frank Mason, Robert Beverly Hale, and most significantly, the world renowned David A. Leffel all in the very studio in which I painted with him - Studio 7.
Gregg has won numerous awards for his painting in America including the Frank C. Wright Award, the Hudson Valley Art Association Award, 1986, the Medal of Merit, the Council of American Artists Awards, Salmagundi Club; the Grumbacher Award, Knickerbocker Artists and most recently he won the Merit Award at the 2005 National Portrait Society of America.

Gregg working on the vase 'edges' of Walter Lynn Mosley's painting.

I feel I have gleaned a great deal of knowledge from Gregg during our time together. Small Subtle ideas which will no doubt infuse my paintings as they continue to metastasize.

On Wednesday of last week I began with a new painting mentor, Joseph Peller. Joseph is a fabulous colorist, a New York City urban figurative artist working in paint, print making and sculpture. During time in the studio with him I will concentrate more on drawing with the figure and on capturing the colour of light through application and increased awareness in paint handling. Joseph has a great energy about him. He studied with the world renowned artists George Bellows and Charles W. Hawthorne.
I am really looking forward to my next few weeks training with him.

If you would like to see more of how I am spending my time here in New York check out my facebook page. It contains links to museums and galleries which I am visiting here as well as updates and meanderings on the things that interest me.

Will have details on my New York Solo Show which opens on Friday March 23rd in my next blog post as well as an image of the final piece created under Kreutz's tutelage.

- Richard

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