Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jeroen Mol - Dutch Film Director

Richard Hearns - Irish Visual Artist and Painter from Richard Hearns on Vimeo.

A Dutch Film Director called Jeroen Mol created this incredible short video piece one morning in Thailand early this year.

The video shows me at work on a painting in the open air by the shore close to where I spend my time in Thailand each year. I have in fact spent over two years of my life in this area working on developing my paintings.

Jeroen and I met there and he asked to visit me early one morning where I stay to video me at work. Of course I was delighted and excited to see what he might achieve with his camera. Yesterday he sent me the result. (This is the second version of two one minute video pieces).

Thank you so much for these wonderful memories Jeroen.

If you are having difficulty viewing this video you can click the link below:

Or view the second version of the one minute long piece on youtube:

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