Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Burren Beo. Back in the Burren.

Back in the Burren! Check out the view towards our place in Ballyvaughan.
Not the Castle!! Just to the left.  It is So Beautiful Here.

Really hoping to catch up with myself as regards blog posts over the next week or two.
New York was such a busy and exciting time so I want to document as much of that as possible here.

Ordered a van load of new materials today. Stretcher bars for over 12 meters of canvas, boards, alkyd primers, other supports and pigments!

Can't wait to get started on research and preparation for a new body of work and onto some new projects which I will share with you over the coming year.

It's great to be back to Burren Beo (Burren Life)!

- Richard

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