Sunday, November 17, 2013

After the Market & another process

After the Market - oil on museum gesso panel - 12"x8" - sold

Thought to show another recent painting and its process, to illustrate how I might approach each piece differently at the outset of it's creation. This piece was created more 'Instinctually' - building the painting up, initially through the indication of tone, the rough placement of the objects and their scale through a sort of freeform dialogue as I went. It was a somewhat less 'Cerebral' approach in comparison to the recent piece illustrated using the grid of 'harmonic divisions'.

The initial rough in.

The second stage.

This is an image of the painting in it's final stage.
The painting actually has a greener hue to the background but I find in many instances that my camera doesn't pick up these subtle shifts in colour. I have to get myself a better camera! Did you hear that Santa!?


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