Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Red Quarters & Fragments from New York

Red Quarters & Fragments from New York, part I - oil on museum panel - 12"x8"

This is an image of the first of a two part painting I recently created.

The paintings were made as a reflection and tribute to my time spent at the Art Students League of New York. During that time I worked in the studio of the painter and teacher Gregg Kreutz. The  two paintings are both made up of cropped fragments of an original by Kreutz ( Still Life with Persian Vase).

I had direct contact with these objects and many more in the various still life set ups and cupboards in the studio.  It was such a strange experience for me to see and be with objects and materials that I had become familiar with through books and various reproductions.

The many experiences I had from working in this studio further enhanced for me the magical and transformative qualities inherent in painting when seen through poetic eyes and described through the right hands.

(Detail Above)

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