Monday, February 3, 2014

Classical Arrangement & Exhibit Details

'There is a self-containment to the work of Richard Hearns which draws in the viewer in a highly seductive manner. There is no barrier, no sense of a proscenium arch between the artist and the viewer. He presents his mises-en-scène in an almost sacerdotal manner. By a sleight of hand his brush becomes a magic-wand which conducts the image through his eye into the viewer’s. His still-lifes are reminiscent of those by Jean-Baptiste Chardin, of whom the eminent philosopher and art critic Denis Diderot wrote ‘To look at pictures by other artists it seems that I need to borrow a different pair of eyes. To look at those of Chardin I only have to keep the eyes that nature gave me and make good use of them.’ Like Chardin, Richard carefully crafts an overall balance of shape, texture, tone and colour, slowly releasing the objects from a dark background or, as Marcel Proust said of Chardin, ‘summoning them from the everlasting darkness in which they have been interred.’

-Síle Connaughton-Deeny, 
Art Historian and Jorgensen Gallery Curator.

This painting will feature in my solo exhibition 'The Rural Idyll' which opens with an official reception this Thursday 6th of February from 5pm to 7pm. 
Jorgensen Fine Art, 14 Hibernian Way, 
(off Dawson Street), Dublin 2.

Classical Arrangement with Brass Pot and Blue Plate, a study after The Imari Plate by New York Based painter and playwright Gregg Kreutz- oil on canvas - 40"x30" - sold
Classical Arrangement with Oranges, Brass Pot and Blue Plate - oil on canvas - 42"x32"
(tribute to Chardin and Kreutz)  after the original 18"x24" painting 'Imari Plate' by Gregg Kreutz.
(amended 24th FEB 2014)

Private Collection, Beirut, Lebanon

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