Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Friends Passed

Last week two very special human beings passed away.

Many of you will have heard of the Irish Artist, Patrick Scott.
Patrick and I were introduced first in 2008 by a mutual friend and art collector Liam Ayudhkij O'Keefe.
I had the chance to spend a day with Patrick and Liam in his studio that year and presented him with a catalogue of my work created in Thailand. Liam was responsible for sourcing and sending Patrick his treasured gold leaf for many years from Thailand where Liam was based. I remember Patrick as such a kind and warm gentleman who was lighthearted and full of love for his friends, his work and of course his cat who he adored!

I had the chance to see Patrick at work on some small drawings or watercolours and he showed me a beautiful limited edition book featuring prints of his work that had just been produced by Stoney Road Press in Dublin. Both Liam and Patrick have now passed away and I will miss their support, fun and friendship.
Patrick Scott who was a founding member of Aosdána, was conferred with the title of Saoi in 2007. Saoi is  the highest honour that can be bestowed upon an Irish Artist.

Patrick's work can be seen in many collections around the country.
I particularly like his 'sunburst series' a couple of which can be seen at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin.
Right now a retrospective of his achievements in art, in a career that spanned seventy five years, can be viewed at IMMA.

I was also deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jimmy Murakami, who has been hailed as the founding father of Animation in Ireland. Over the years I had many chances to meet with Jimmy to paint together at the Royal Hibernian Academy. He was such a wonderful man and the more I learned of his life, background and the projects he was directly involved in the more astonished I was at the sheer breadth of his creative mind and capabilities.

Follow this link to just some of the award winning animations he directed and worked on.
They are just brilliant. At the bottom of this page is a really interesting and informative interview with Jimmy where you will hear of just a handful of the influential people that wanted to work with him - including David Bowie. In the background of the interview, partly visible, hangs a Patrick Scott painting!


Rest In Peace, Jimmy and Patrick.

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