Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Father!

The unusual object to the right of this painting that looks somewhat like a Christmas tree is in fact a tail fin of a mortar bomb found in southern Lebanon by my father during his UN peacekeeping mission with the 43rd Irish Battalion in 1978. The object is composed of the tail fin of a mortar bomb and a piece of brass from a tank shell casing both found in his unit's area of operation.

The two fragments were then fashioned in the shape of a 'Cedar of Lebanon', the counties national symbol, and painted in the colours of the national flag of Lebanon, Red, White and Green. My father gave me this unusual ornament as a gift from my native country. To my mind the cedar symbolises the Lebanese resilience and ability to overcome the disaster of war.

In the bible Lebanon and it's majestic Cedar trees are mentioned over 70 times.
Psalm 92:12 'The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon';

My father joined the Irish Defence Forces on January 25th 1960, twenty years before the date of my birth. Today is his Seventy Third Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad.
You are a true inspiration and I love you very much.

- Richard

Arrangement in Red, White and Green - oil on linen canvas - 12"x10" - sold
Private Collection, Sydney, Australia.
To appear in my next New York Solo Show, ' The Artist's Shelf'.

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