Saturday, March 1, 2014

SEPIL Commissioned Project 007 - The Terminal Processing Area.

During my last visit to the Corrib Natural Gas Project in December I was given the opportunity to explore the Terminal Processing Area for the first time.

With all the correct inductions, safety training and safety gear on, I stepped out into the vast terminal processing area guided by a member of the Operations Team who was extremely helpful in getting me access to great vistas in and around the terminal.

Currently the Terminal is operating at a very low pressure and the site is treated as if it was an operating plant.

The scale is immense, and the view from the methanol still was incredible. What was of most interest to me was how the plant is actually integrated inside a former Coillte forest resulting in a minimal impact on the landscape. Also the intricacies of the pipework and racks was astounding and I found it hard to believe they all have a very specific purpose!

A Birds Eye View.

Walking under miles of piping.

A view towards the methanol still.

 When I get back to my studio from New York in early May I am really looking forward to being able to dedicate more time to developing this commissioned project.

- Richard 

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