Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good draftsmanship and fine line work was crucial to the correct orchestration of this linear composition. My initial concept was to create a piece using cool north light and warm deep shadows which lead the eye from left to right, settling on the uplifting warm glow of the orange.

This piece will be the very first painting of 26 pieces to greet you at my solo show which opens tomorrow in the village area of New York City.

New York based Composer and Tenor John Des Marais has also arranged a musical composition entitled 'Color Wheels' to be played at the launch of my exhibition and reception tomorrow night.
The musical composition comes in two movements. The first being called 'Acceleration' and the second movement entitled 'Drift'. I look forward to share this specially created musical piece with you all shortly.

Now I'm just giddy with excitement to celebrate tomorrow night! 
Wish me Luck! - R 

Above: Composition in Orange and White - oil on linen canvas - 12"x9"

' The Artist's Shelf ', New York City 2014.
  O'Sullivan Antiques, 51 East 10th Street, 
  Between Broadway and University Place.
  New York, NY 10003.

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