Thursday, June 5, 2014

Onwards and Upwards and Building Rapport

My representative gallery in Dublin, Jorgensen Fine Art is closing it's doors for good this week. I just got off the phone with Sile Connaghton-Deeny, the galleries longtime Curator and Art Historian. I rang to wish her and Ib well! After my last show with the gallery Ib offered me another solo in three years time. I was naturally delighted as this would be something to work towards along with other exhibits organised both by myself and other galleries at home and abroad that I currently work with. The reasons for the gallery closing prematurely are, like in many cases in Dublin at the moment, a huge hike in rents! It's all so disproportionate but I think there maybe some serious development happening in this prime location over the coming years. Who knows? Anyway, 'onwards and upwards' I said to Sile, 'something better will come of it'.

Now, I will begin to look for another suitable gallery in Dublin in which I feel I can build a meaningful rapport. Any suggestions? Not an easy thing! And I did really enjoy showing my work and chats with Sile and Ib, they were both so interested and encouraging of my painting. But who knows where it might lead. It's all very exciting anyway.

Above a pic of my work at Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin.
Promise I won't call to any galleries in my pyjamas as in the painting above!

- Richard

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