Sunday, June 29, 2014

PJ's Blackboard

Last week I learnt of the passing of a Legend! PJ Carroll, my secondary school art teacher was a legend among students and staff at St. Michael's College for near three decades.
To say he was a patient man doesn't quite cut it! He put up with some amount of tomfoolery, mischief and messing. Beyond all that it's safe to say we all loved him dearly and couldn't wait to get into his classroom for further 'artistic exploration'.

PJ, thank you for the incredibly generous reference you gave me for college. It was the most beautifully written referral I could have ever wished for and it helped greatly to secure my way into a career in the Arts. Thank you.

Rest In Peace PJ xx

Pj's Blackboard - oil on canvas - 20"x16" - sold
Private Collection, Ireland.

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