Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SEPIL Commission 011 - The Welder's Habitat.

The Welder's Habitat - oil on canvas

The onshore section of the pipeline was one of the most contentious issues of the Corrib Gas Project.
On my third visit to the project site I had the fortune to meet a welding inspector and two welders at work on the onshore section of the pipe. The welders experienced foreman and inspector very kindly allowed me access to the welding habitat to meet his team at work. The 'habitat' in which the welders work is a large sturdy gazebo like structure with steel walls that sits over the sections of the pipe they are reinforcing and making safe. I was mesmerized by the space, environment and equipment which was all utterly alien to me even though I had enjoyed the experience of some 'arch welding' at the sculpture department in college!

With this piece I concentrated a lot on drawing and kept a strong focus on line throughout the piece giving it a graphic quality which holds true to the experience I encountered.

- Richard

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