Friday, March 6, 2015

From Life | Nature Morte

Painting from life or painting from nature is such a fulfilling way to work. It's an important exercise in looking and training your eyes to really 'see'. It teaches you a great deal about light, form and space. It encourages you to filter and learn what is truly significant. I love it. And when I do find myself working from reference photographs or found images the discipline gained from working from life informs me more about this inherently flat image being referenced.

Even with the apparent freedom, abandon and fun I have working on my latest series of abstract pieces I'll continue to train and inform my hand, eye, and heart by painting from life.

- RH

Untitled Tea Pot and Opium Poppy - oil on canvas - 20"x20"
#artist #richardhearns #paintingfromlife #stilllife #naturemorte 

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