Saturday, March 28, 2015

Aquarian by Richard Hearns

'Illusions are useful only if we use them
To help us get to our true reality.
Initiations and rituals, if they are noble,
Have this power,
(They magnify the secret hour)
They enable us to pass from
The illusion of our lesser selves
To the reality of our greater selves,
Our soaring powers.

An extract from Ben Okri's poem 'Mental Fight'.

Below an image of my latest painting entitled 'Aquarian'.
I've been working on this image over the past couple of weeks and think it's very near complete.
I'll be sure to post a high resolution image of this piece as soon as I can, and it very well may become part of my Limited Edition Fine Art Print series.
Details of which I'll announce in the coming fortnight or so.

Aquarian - oil on linen - 100x80cms
Private Collection, Ireland.

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