Thursday, December 3, 2015


Often times due to my enthusiasm and admitted lack of patience I plunge ahead and post an image or even exhibit a painting before it's complete. It's actually this precise act that at times leads me to want to take the painting back into my studio to work on again. I'm convinced seeing the my paintings in different environments helps one to evaluate the work anew. And am sure this is the case for many painters.

The painting below was one of the paintings that featured at one of three private collector viewings organised in New York City this October. On getting the piece home I once more saw a 'way in' and decided to give it another go seeing if I might be able to improve the piece. I'm satisfied that I could and did in this case. It can be a curse reworking images but as I mature I'm finding I have more patience and more time in many cases to spend with my paintings and bring them to where I want them to be.

This painting of a Bouy, with it's ...... contains many of the attributes I find appealing in a painting.

Buoy - oil on panel 12"x12"

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