Saturday, December 12, 2015

Supper for Hecate

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were known to leave Garlic outdoors to evoke the deities.

I created this simple composition in Valencia, Spain earlier this year as I scoured a kitchen late one evening simply looking for subjects or objects in order to 'keep my hands moving'. 

Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess was associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, the moonmagic, and a knowledge of herbs, poisonous plants, and sorcery among other things!
The origin of the name Hecate is not known, but suggested sources include the word in ancient Greek for 'will' and from some obscure texts including Ovid's Metamorphosis: "she that operates from afar", "she that removes or drives off", and "the far reaching one" - which all kind of sounds like how Garlic operates doesn't it!?  - What with it's pungent smell, and how in regards to more recent folklore and myth it's been used to ward off sinister spirits. 

The Greeks left offerings of garlic at village and town crossroads to appease this Goddess.
Hecate is often depicted as a three formed figure - omni present and manifold in her mystic nature.

I like the idea of 'crossroads', metaphorical crossroads that is. How often in our lives are we faced with a decision to make? A defined juncture? A new leaping off point into a vastly uncharted place. Don't some of us wish for this excitement each day and to be brave enough to leap out into the unknown freely!? But as human beings we also have a tendency to pine after the familiar. 

I'm confident that in many ways the process of making or creating draws us in and presents for us new junctures and crossroads daily - allowing the opportunity to investigate, build faith through our efforts and expand further to ever uncharted places through our chosen medium.

Supper for Hecate, 2015  - oil on panel - 12"x12"
Composition with Garlic Bulbs and Basket.

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