Sunday, March 20, 2016

White Roses

White Roses, 2016
oil on linen - 60x60cm

As I'm writing this short note I'm looking into a space where light flows into the studio through a north facing window. This is a place where I often choose to set up an object(s) to be observed.

In this corner of the studio I've created a large wooden frame, big enough to walk into, where I can control and almost eliminated any reflected light in the space by hanging neutral coloured fabrics, mostly off white duck cotton or grey linen, and observe just one natural light source without too much interference. This soft and almost diffused daylight is in my opinion most captivating in the early morning when it casts a cool and often crisp light followed by deep soft warm shadows. It's then I come into the studio to start my days work.

If you think of the atmosphere in many of Vermeer's interiors - the light streaming in and illuminating the room from the left - the space in many ways is something akin to this.

The painting of these roses where made in this space as were my previous paintings entitled 'Container', 'The Golden Gloves' and The Artist's Boot's. I look forward to share with you more images from this series over the coming year.

- Richard

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