Saturday, April 9, 2016

Orange Squash with Artist's Brush

Orange Squash with Artist's Brush, 2016
oil on panel - 30x30cm

Endeavouring to describe and create the illusion of form in painting never gets boring for me.
It's a sort of 'smart-alec' pursuit, but at the same time I feel it frees me and banishes any anxiety which in turn enables me to create those larger gestures in my abstract paintings. 

As I have said before, and I'm confident many other artist's agree, after some time at the easel painting becomes more and more a sort of alchemy! After all we are transmuting and transforming a viscous raw base element, along with our thoughts and concepts, into something of perceived greater value and beauty. 

In many instances I chose my subject for their inherent formal and perceived abstract qualities - how these objects lead themselves to the act of painting.

- Richard

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