Friday, April 22, 2016

The Market Fair

Boo just arrived home after her third week taking part at the Kinvara Framers Market this season.
This will also be her third year to be part of this and the Ballyvaughan community markets, where she has a her 'Thai Cooking with Boo' market stall alongside an array of other producers and market sellers.

The Market fair has become a great part of our routine over the weekends and gives us a chance to be a part of a greater community and growing food culture in north County Clare.

At the market we can buy locally grown and soured produce supporting the local community, as well as doing some occasional barter - It is the west of Ireland after all! Every week we'd get our free range duck and hen eggs from Jamesie and he in turn gets a great big bowl of Boo's Traditional Thai Curry or some Pad Thai Noodles and possibly some homemade curry pastes to take home. It's a fair deal. You should see the smile on his face - priceless!

Having the market not only contributes goodies to the pantry and fridge but also contributes to the colours around the house during the week as we can buy flowers there too.

Often times as we get home and begin to tidy the produce away I'll find in what we have bought, subjects that I'm interested in painting - this bunch of asparagus being one. The quality and array of colours and textures inherent as well as that formal bunching together by bright blue band just screamed out a challenge to make good on. After fulfilling that roll they went down nicly under an eight ounce Angus steak! Talk about two birds with one stone!

Hope you like it. - Richard

Asparagus and Blue Rubber Band, 2016
oil on panel - 12"x12"

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