Thursday, September 2, 2010

Father's Flowers

Father's Flowers - oil on canvas - 24"x18" - sold

Am very fond of this piece as I can remember laying in the shapes and colours effortlessly in sequence.
All these classical still life paintings I am creating are in a sense very abstract as regards my application of paint.
The closer you are to the piece the more you can see and appreciate the piece on a very abstract level - as just dabs of colour, scratches and drips. This way of working really is so satisfying as I am no longer painting objects but 'painting paint itself' and really learning to enjoy the stuff of paint and all its various attributes.

On this day two weeks - Thursday 16th September - my latest solo exhibition of Works will open in the High Tide Gallery on James Street, Westport town, Co. Mayo .
Am really looking forward to getting up there to hang the show with the owners and curators of the gallery, Michael and Mary Cadden.

To preview a selection of Works for this upcoming show follow this link below to my website:

Any available Works can be reserved in advance of this show by contacting me through my blog, on facebook or email me at

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