Thursday, September 9, 2010

Farmers Market Arrangement

Farmers Market Arrangement - oil on canvas - 12"x12" - sold

Really enjoyed the concept I followed in creating this piece. My wife and I set up these various objects after a trip to the local farmers market. My concepts were 'light and shade', as in how much light verses shade and how I might frame the composition using these elements, and then 'think to thin' - relating to the amount of texture used at center of interest to how the light and paint could become less as the picture reads across the canvas.

Can't wait to hang this piece at the upcoming show along with all the other Works created.
The show will open this day week - Thursday the 16th of September at 7pm at the High Tide Gallery on James Street, Westport Town, Co. Mayo.

If you are unable to come along to the show you can reserve any of the available pieces to feature in the show by contacting me through my blog on facebook or by email at

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