Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Richard Hearns - Bitter Sweet, Still Life in Lemon and Violet - oil on canvas - sold
Still Life in studio 7 at the Art Student League of New York 2012.

This is the second still life painting I created in the studios of the Arts League of New York since my arrival here. The piece was completed over a week ago now.

Ideas of the old and new world crisscross in this painting. My concept for the piece was a concentration, a more contemporary cropped image with a strong focal point. I wanted the light and colours to dance so I pulled colours out of the objects and created a halo like atmosphere. Notes of paint and strong shapes sing out.
The application is 'painterly' and vibrant.
Hope you enjoy this offering.

- Richard

This piece with be reserved for my upcoming New York Solo Show.
For advanced reserve and purchasing please contact info@richardhearns.com

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