Sunday, January 8, 2012

New York New York!

Arriving in New York is a whirlwind experience! The minute you step outside JFK intentional airport you are meet by a quickening pace, yellow taxis and colourful voices.
Whisked off at lighting speed by our driver we arrived in Queens, the most diverse place in the world. Over 135 different languages are spoken here in this borough! That represents over seventy five percent of the worlds peoples. Its just so colourful! A cultural melting pot.

I brought many sketches and references as well as near completed pieces for my shows here in New York this coming March but I just can't wait to get out here in the city to paint. I am seeing opportunities for compositions everywhere and the weather has been mild and bright with beautiful morning and evening light. The bizarre thing is the light here that breaks through as a spot of colour at the end of an avenue or street reminds me somehow of a Rembrandt. That beautiful coloured note against all this other colourlessness of concrete, asphalt and glass.

So tomorrow I pick up my palette to commence my work at the Art League of New York.
The beginning of a new chapter in my artistic development.

- Richard
(photo above by AnnMarie Walker)

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