Friday, December 28, 2012

In Process, Composition in Green, Pink and Orange

Green Pink and Orange - oil on linen panel - 7"x5" - sold

I had been meaning to show you just how abstractly the initial laying in of the compositional elements of my paintings can be. The main or 'local colour' of each object is described by just placing it in its 'correct position'. Working this way gives me an overall feel for the way the painting will read in a matter of seconds.
Just some fluid gestures with the brush initially supersedes this - this gesture might indicate to me the concept of how the light might flow over the various objects or where they might begin and end on the canvas.

Here is an image of the piece in it's final stages. All the marks I make from start to finish are relative to the other, so at this stage I am just pushing or subduing  the colours until I have what I want. 

I'll post an image of the finished piece in the next few days.

- Richard

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